Four for Friday: January Winners!

See our MetaX winners for January below.

1. MetaX January Winners 

Last week’s MetaX giveaway asked participants to reply with their favorite recursive cards. The most common response was Dynamic Duo, with Shazam and 1 STR/INT/SP also receiving considerable recognition. The three randomly selected winners (and their choices):

Thanks to everyone that entered, and watch for another MetaX win-a-box in February!

2. NFL Five Card of the Week

The NFL conference championship games take place this weekend, and Titans rookie A.J. Brown will look to make an impact against the Chiefs. In the NFL Five TCG, RK225-19 A.J. Brown has a unique effect that requires you to craft a specific lineup. In exchange for eschewing an RB, this effect can easily add 10 yards to any passing play – allowing you to load up for an aerial oriented offense!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

It is also worth noting his relatively low Player Rating of 64 – watch for more effects to interact with this in future releases!

3. NFL Five Playbook

  • Click here to watch the second episode of a new fanmade video series, NFL Five Playbook! This week, Brandon H offers his thoughts on some individual cards – along with Run strategies, a team review, and a dose of humor!
  • Be sure to join the NFL Five fan community on Facebook, with recent threads featuring box breaks, custom play-mats, new deck discussions, and more!
  • Can’t get enough NFL Five? Hop on the official NFL Five Discord – where you can talk to creator Brian Fahmie, find quick answers to rules questions, and chat with fellow players.

4. NFL Five Playoff Giveaway

Our next giveaway will begin on Tuesday. Check back on the 21st for participation details, then head to the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. Winners will be announced on January 28th, with extra spice to cap off the playoffs!

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