Tuesday Tidbits: January Jamming!

See MetaX’s card of the week below – along with more news and notes!

1. Contest Reminders 

There’s still time to participate in our current “win-a-box” giveaway – see here for details! Submit your entry before the 17th, then check back on Friday for an announcement of the winners.

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Recent contest winners have requested boxes of Green Lantern more than any other expansion, and Green Lantern – Emerald Knight is one of the defining cards of the set. Mono Green Lantern lists have seen success in the past, while their access to multiple search engines means that they will always remain relevant in a given metagame. Aside from utilizing Emerald Knight to always hit drops “on curve,” you can also look to maximize this effect by packing a toolbox of 1x Characters like Mogo or Sinestro.

3. Coming Soon

After MetaX box winners are announced on Friday, watch for the start of our NFL Five Playoff giveaway on January 21st (with winners selected on Friday, January 28th). Don’t forget that Tournament Kits have recently rotated to new promos, and stores can apply by contacting OP@paniniamerica.net. In the coming weeks, look for more news about 2020 releases from Panini Games – leading into our first booth presence of the year in March at GAMA.