Four for Friday: Foils, Freebies, and February!

See foil promo photos and more below.

1. Tournament Kit Foils

Don’t forget that Tournament Kits have rotated to new promos for 2020! Each shipment contains 20 copies of P15-19 Josh Doctson (Participation) and 2 copies of P8-19 Kyle Van Noy (Top Performer).


Tournament Kits are freely available to any stores hosting NFL Five events, along with Demo Decks and other miscellaneous swag. For more information, contact

2. Contest Reminders


There’s still time to enter our NFL Five Playoff giveaway, but make sure to submit your reply before January 28th. On Tuesday, check back here on the blog for a look at the responses – plus the announcement of the winners!

3. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The Chiefs will play in the Super Bowl on February 2nd, and Kansas City’s Pro Bowler/rookie Mecole Hardman Jr. is as impactful in the NFL Five TCG as he is in real life! Known as an electrifying game-breaker on the field, his ability to Energize all players (including cards that belong to your opponent) unlocks countless combo possibilities – while also extending the drive with a seldom seen “first down” effect. Though this card suffers from an unreliable (0-1) play range, even a single use of its effect can blow the game wide open. Look to pair Mecole Hardman Jr. with a heavy suite of passing plays, along with synergistic teammates that benefit from being Energized.

4. Weekend Wrap

On Tuesday, you can expect the contest results  to be accompanied by a new COTW, followed by other news/notes. Watch for the latest NFL Five Rules FAQ on Friday – and more information about upcoming opportunities to win in February. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

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