Tuesday Tidbits: Champion Chiefs Edition

Find out about February giveaways below – along with teasers for NFL Five!

1. New Giveaways for February

This month will see two new giveaways from Panini Games, starting with an opportunity to win a box of MetaX on February 7th. After that, watch for an NFL Five contest on Tuesday the 18th – followed by information about your chance to receive more freebies from GAMA in March!

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Though Atom – Sector 2814 is reliant upon your opponent to provide a target, most decks contain a multitude of “when played” effects for this Rank 7 wildcard to use to his advantage (including previous COTW Robin). While he can operate as key component in any Indigo Tribe build (enabling access to powerful effects like Communion), he also has a home in various rainbow lineups in need of 7 Intelligence. You can augment his flexibility with other copy effects like Bizarro and Carrie Kelley – or consider pairing him with another Atom to loop his effect!

3. NFL Five Momentum

The NFL season has come to a close, but the NFL Five TCG is just heating up. Through local tournaments, a plethora convention stops, and more TBA experiences, you can remain immersed in the NFL throughout the entire offseason – and that’s not even counting forthcoming releases of new products! Keep your eyes peeled for details about the next expansion for NFL Five, starting with teasers, previews, and a full checklist breakdown as we approach the rollout of card spoilers for the next set. First and foremost, prepare yourself for an all new type of Action Card called [REDACTED], enabling countless advanced strategies and tactics in 2020!

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