Four for Friday: Super Bowl Weekend!

See variant formats and more below.

1. NFL Five Online

  • See the latest episodes of NFL Five Playbook here, brought to you by community member Brandon Hughey. Episodes 3, 4, and 5 cover topics ranging from defensive strategies, individual card highlights, future wishes, and more.
  • Recent discussions in the NFL Five TCG Fan Community page on Facebook include posts about the best/favorite cards from the first set, deckbuilding ratios for Play cards, and thoughts on hypothetical “Legends” effects.
  • As always, the official NFL Five Discord provides a place for fans to chat – plus a rules hotline, interaction with creator Brian Fahmie, and insight into the future of the game!


2. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

When Super Bowl LIV takes place this weekend, Kansas City Chief’s safety Daniel Sorensen will make his first appearance in the big game. In the world of NFL Five, C-32 Daniel Sorensen packs a unique ability – acting as one of the few effects that allows for Energizing a defensive player! Consider utilizing this card with other defenders that have formidable Exhaust effects, such as T.J. McDonald and Vonn Bell.

3. NFL Five Fan Formats

Aside from the rules for a standard match of NFL Five, there are also limitless variations on how to play! In the future, watch for recommended rule sets for official formats like Draft and Sealed. However, we’ve also seen a great deal of local twists that allow for exciting new avenues of deckbuilding. Here are just a few of the unofficial variants we’ve seen running in local leagues – try one with your playgroup today!


Full Season: Choose from a pool of Players that you are required to use for the rest of that season – along with the ability to make trades through the commissioner
  • Contract Draft: Each GM begins the draft with a set amount of points to be spent on a pool of cards/players for deck creation
  • Salary Cap: Various restrictions are placed on which Players you can field, such as a limit on the combined value of your Player Ratings or a limit of 1 Legendary card per deck
  • Solo Team: You may only use Players from a single franchise in your lineup

4. Coming Soon

In February, watch for another chance to win a box of MetaX – followed by a new NFL Five giveaway near the end of the month. You can also expect updates about our presence at March’s GAMA, officially kicking off “con season” for 2020. One of our stops along the way will be Gen Con in August, and you can now sign up for badges here.