Tuesday Tidbits: NFL Five Playoff Winners!

Find the winners below.

1. NFL Five Playoff Giveaway 

Last week’s contest offered entrants the chance to win a Booster Box of NFL Five by answering the question of:

“Which team has surprised you the most during the 2020 NFL playoffs?”

The results are in, and the Tennessee Titans were the most popular response by a wide margin! Early exits for the Patriots and Ravens also received votes, but Tennessee’s underdog run captured the attention of nearly every fan during this postseason. The randomly selected winners, and their responses:

  • Eric S (“The Titans beat some great teams!”)
  • Aaron T (“I was surprised by how the Vikings defense dominated the Saints O in the Wild Card game. I hadn’t seen Minnesota’s D played that well all season.”)
  • Damir V (“The Titans by far were the most surprising team! King Henry was running wild! 👑“)

Thanks to everyone for participating, and watch for your next chance to win with our NFL Five Super Bowl extravaganza in February!

2. MetaX Card of the Week 

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

After seeing infrequent usage in the early stages of the metagame, Robin has been firmly established as one of the most potent forms of card advantage in MetaX. Pairing him with Blue Beetle and Unexpected Turnaround led to the creation of a dominant deck for competitive play, and that archetype remains viable today. This effect has applications in countless builds – ranging from Aggro (through naturally emptying your hand), Combo/Mill (by forcing cards into the opponent’s hand), or simply as a counter to decks with draw engines of their own.

3. Kobe Bryant (1978-2020)

Panini America Releases Statement on the Passing of Los Angeles Lakers Legend and Company Ambassador Kobe Bryant 


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