Tuesday Tidbits: Waning Winter!

COTW, upcoming giveaway information, and new teasers below.

1. NFL Contest Kick Off

On Friday, watch this space to find participation details about our next giveaway for NFL Five. Be prepared to visit the Panini Games Facebook page to post your entry, and then make sure to submit your entry before the February 27th deadline. This time around, you’ll be asked to make an offseason prediction for a chance to win a Booster Box of NFL Five!

2. MetaX Card of the Week 

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Deathstroke – Slade Wilson was the most popular response in last week’s poll, though he has never been a consistent inclusion in the upper echelon of established decks. Since he offers a general “goodstuff” ability, it can be difficult for heavily stamped archetypes to find space for this universally applicable KO effect. At the very least, look to exploit his strengths in any Villain deck with Legion of Doom – and consider adding this card to nearly any other midrange build in the game.

3. NFL Five Teasers

The next release of NFL Five will naturally introduce new players, as well as offer variant effects for returning players – plus other updates. Aside from an entirely new card type, you can also look forward to a major mechanical update that will take place after halftime. This new rule will enhance overall strategic opportunities, while also limiting the effectiveness of future “hand destruction” archetypes.

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