Tuesday Tidbits: Marching On!

Contest reminders, COTW, and new teasers below.

1. NFL Five Reminder 

Don’t forget to participate in the current NFL Five Leap Year giveaway, where you’ll have a random chance to win a Booster Box. Entries are valid until February 27th – and you can check back here on Friday to see the winners!

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Harley Quinn has been a popular Character since the first set of MetaX, with both Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Former Psychiatrist making an early mark on the metagame. Queen of Arkham offers a rank 7 variant of Harley, and her flexible ability is able to generate value in nearly any scenario. This effect allows your deck to run more situational Characters that can be filtered away when needed, with the option of MP smoothing to boot. While she is able to set up stamped effects for Arkham Inmates teammates, she is more at home in rainbow Midrange builds.

3. NFL Five Gossip

It has been confirmed that the next expansion set will include an entirely new card type, along with a new post-halftime game mechanic. Before seeing effect spoilers or card previews, what else can you expect from the next NFL Five release? Factoids seen and heard around the water cooler include:

  • expect an insert card explaining the new additions to the game, as the next product release is Booster Packs only
  • look forward to powerful new Player effects that enable new axises of deckbuilding
  • watch for upgraded card templates featuring improved text and art!

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