NFL Five Leap Year Winners!

See this week’s winners below.

This month’s NFL Five Leap Year giveaway presented contestants with a chance to win a box, and entry took place via the Panini Games Facebook page. Participants were asked to sound off with their thoughts on the topic of the week:

Which team do you think will improve the most this offseason?

The Browns and the Bengals garnered the most votes – followed by the Bucs, Steelers, and Bears with multiple responses. The three randomly selected winners, and their choices:

  • Landon N. (Chicago Bears)
  • Keith M. (Cleveland Browns)
  • Al D. (Washington Redskins)


Thanks to everyone that participated, and congratulations to this round’s winners. You’ll have two more chances to win next month – with both a March MetaX win-a-box and a live NFL Five giveaway from GAMA. The online winners for the GAMA giveaway will be drawn from the Panini Games booth during the show, and prizes will include additional goodies like promos and TBA swag.