Tuesday Tidbits: GAMA Giveaway!

Find out how to participate below.

1. GAMA Giveaway Details

This time next week, Panini Games will be at GAMA – and we’re bringing the exhibit hall to you with our latest giveaway! Online participants will have a chance to win miscellaneous swag from the Panini Games booth (#345), plus a Booster Box of NFL Five. Check back on Tuesday for the contest question – then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter.

Winners will be announced on Friday the 13th, with the random selections taking place in the booth itself!

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Spoiler – Stephanie Brown has the unique ability to prevent the use of Battle Cards, but she requires some supplemental “hand peek” effects (such as Colossal Titan or Supergirl). Against decks with recursive effects, Spoiler can seal off a key Battle Card for several turns – and her maximum Rank of 5 allows for extra combo potential. While this card is primarily defensive in nature, it can also end the game by locking out a block.

3. March Sanity

Later this month, watch for an additional giveaway in the form of a March MetaX win-a-box (with a theme of “spring”). March will also bring more teasers for the next release of NFL Five, plus a recap of info from GAMA. Aside from the latest news and notes, also stay tuned this month for an updated NFL Five FAQ, information about Gen Con, and more!

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