Four for Friday: Leap Year Giveaway!

See contest details below.

1. NFL Five Giveaway

This year brings an extra day to February, and Panini Games is bringing an extra giveaway for NFL Five! To participate, stop by the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to this question:

Which team do you think will improve the most this offseason?

Three randomly selected will have their answers posted on the blog and receive a Booster Box of NFL Five! The winners will be announced next Friday, February 28th – be sure to submit your entry before then.

2. Panini Games at GAMA

GAMA Expo takes place March 10th-13th, and Panini Games will be providing demos in the exhibit hall at booth #345. Aside from photos and coverage from the show floor, also watch for a special GAMA giveaway for non-attendees (with online giveaway winners chosen live from the booth)!

3. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Dak Prescott is likely to remain a member of the Dallas Cowboys, but that won’t stop fans of other teams from dreaming! In NFL Five, you’re free to combine S41-19 Dak Prescott with any other Players you choose – including more Quarterbacks. Dak’s ability provides perfect knowledge of the opponent’s hand, allowing you to determine which of your Plays have the best chance to succeed. Since this enables successful Plays (at the cost of an ability that adds yards or cards), look to maximize this effect with high yardage Players like Le’Veon Bell and Julio Jones.

4. Next Week

Aside from Friday’s contest winners and new COTW entries, also watch for a new collection of NFL Five FAQs and more teasers from the next set. After that, stay tuned for more information from GAMA – plus release dates for upcoming products in 2020.

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