Four for Friday: Stay Safe

Wrap up the week below.

1. Attack on Titan Giveaway

Our March MetaX giveaway is open now – don’t miss your chance to win a box of Attack on Titan! See participation details here, then comment on the Panini Games Facebook page to enter.


2. NFL Five Appetizer

While there is an entirely new type of card coming in the next set, you can also expect a new subtype that will add a twist to Plays. In the upcoming expansion, “Unique” plays will offer abilities far beyond normal Play cards – but deckbuilding restrictions mean you’ll have to choose carefully! Watch for more news about how to use Unique Plays in the future, along with previews of their effects.

3. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Todd Gurley has left the Rams, and you can look forward to a Falcons variant in the next set. For now, E176-19 Todd Gurley II remains as one of the highest yardage boosters in the game (and his requirement is easy to trigger). To maximize this ability, combine this effect with other Players that can Exhaust on demand – and be sure to include a high count of run Plays to make sure one of them forces through.

4. Lockdown Horizon

First and foremost, please practice recommended guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, check back for the winners of our Attack on Titan giveaway. In the coming weeks, anticipate more news about larger scale plans for Organized Play – along with the first CRD for NFL Five. Please submit any rules concerns to to see them reflected in the pending tournament documents.

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