Four for Friday: April Agenda

See below for the latest updates.

1. Coronavirus Update

As noted on Tuesday, Tournament Kit shipments will be delayed for at least two weeks. Scheduled giveaways will continue to run during this period, but please note that prizes will not be sent until the return of regular office hours. The blog will continue updating as normal, and you can still message (or visit the NFL Five Discord) with any inquiries.

2. NFL Five Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

DeAndre Hopkins has been traded from Houston to Arizona, so we can look forward to his new Cardinals card effect the next release. For now, L195-19 DeAndre Hopkins adds the most yards that you can get from a single Player, but his ability can be stopped by a defender with a Player Rating of 93 or above. Currently, this means that only Earl Thomas III, Bobby Wagner, Luke Kuechly, Von Miller, J.J. Watt, Khalil Mack, and Aaron Donald can cancel his effect!

3. NFL Five Teasers

We’ve previously hinted at “Unique” Plays in the upcoming expansion, which will be bombastic cards that do more than a regular Play. You’ll only be able to include one Unique Play in every Play Deck, requiring you to carefully consider which Unique will add the most to your overall strategy. You can expect previews of these special abilities in the near future, along with information about the new card type, details about updated game mechanics, and more!

The next set of NFL Five is scheduled to release in August.

4. Coming in April 

As the world continues to maneuver around the Coronavirus pandemic, we hope that you’re all managing the situation to the best of your abilities. April will bring more news and notes about NFL Five, plus pending announcements about Organized Play when we have a clearer picture of the future. Also, watch for two new giveaways in April – offering chances to win a box of NFL Five and Green Lantern. Until then, stay safe and continue to following recommended guidelines until we make it to the other side!

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