COVID-19 Update and March MX Winners

See the winners below, plus an announcement about office hours.

Before getting to today’s winners, a note about office hours. In response to the current pandemic, Panini America’s physical location will be closed for at least two weeks. The blog will continue updating normally, and you can still send any questions or customer service inquiries to However, shipments will not be possible during this period – please watch for prizes and Tournament Kits shipments to return when operations resume in the future.

Last Tuesday, we announced the chance to win a box of Attack on Titan by asking participants to visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post their favorite card from the set. The responses were spread over a wide range of effects (covering every card type), with Potato being the only card to receive more than one vote. The three randomly selected winners:

Thanks to everyone for participating, and watch for our Green Lantern MetaX giveaway next month!

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