Tuesday Tidbits: Rookie Ruckus!

Info about next season’s NFL Five Rookie cards, MX COTW, and more below.

1. Rookie Roundup 

The 2020 NFL Draft concluded last weekend, and our NFL Five poll results highlighted Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Chase Young as likely standouts in the upcoming season. Aside from them, you can also look forward to over fifteen new Rookie cards in the next set! Which Rookie will have the highest Player Rating? What types of effects will they bring? Who will make the cut?!

Rookie cards in NFL Five have a special card frame, and they drop approximately once per Booster Box. NFL Five’s 2020 expansion set is currently scheduled to release in August.

2. MetaX Card of the Week


Next month’s MetaX giveaway will revolve around Characters from Attack on Titan that do not have Scout Regiment or Titan as a Trait, and Conny Springer serves as a prime example of one of the set’s hidden gems. His ability has applications with various Cadet Corps effects, but his maximum Rank of 5 makes it easy to splash this card into several other archetypes. Though Conny will shield your attacking Characters from targeted removal effects, watch out for commonly seen Events that can KO without targeting.

3. Mastering May

We’ll have more information about COVID-19’s impact on the the status of shipments in mid May – watch for an update in the near future. Next month will also bring two new giveaways via the Panini Games Facebook page, starting with a MetaX contest to win a box of Attack on Titan. Later this week, watch for more stats from NFL Five’s next set checklist – plus additional effect teasers!