Tuesday Tidbits: Tournament Documents!

Find out about the release of the CRD and Tournament Guide below.

1. NFL Five Tournament Documents

The first NFL Five CRD (Current Rulings Document) will be uploaded on May 15th. At that time, there will also be an update to the Panini Games Tournament Guide. The CRD will contain advanced rulings and clarifications for individual cards, while the Tournament Guide outlines the standards for event formats, player conduct, and other procedural topics. You can always submit FAQs to OP@PaniniAmerica.net, or visit the Official NFL Five Discord server for a chat response.

2. MetaX Card of the Week



Our upcoming Attack on Titan giveaway will revolve around the smallest factions from the set, but today’s spotlight shines on a card from the Titan Trait. Titanic Transformation allows you to get rid of a Character that has overstayed its welcome, while also searching out the ideal Titan for a given situation. This Event can be maximized by using it on a wounded “when played” Character, and it also has upside with “when KO’d” effects (such as Bleez). When running this card, consider including at least one copy of situational effects like Colossal Titan, Sullen Titan, and Big Mouth Titan.

3. Future Findings

Return on Friday for details about your chance to win a Booster Box of Attack on Titan, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. In two weeks, expect a status update on office hours in relation to COVID-19. You can also look forward to an NFL Five giveaway later this month (with an emphasis on defense), and keep watching for more information about spoilers from the next set!