Four for Friday: May MetaX Giveaway!

See participation details below – plus new NFL Five teasers!

Before we get to this week’s contest, here are four new facts about the upcoming expansion set for NFL Five:

  • Watch for an effect that Energizes all Players on the field and creates a First Down!
  • There are over 30 Rares, 90 Uncommons, and 100 commons on the checklist (to go with 15 Legendary cards and 20 Epics).
  • Three Quarterbacks have a Player Rating of 95 or higher. The highest rated non-QB offensive player is a Wide Receiver (with a rating of 95).
  • Power Ups attach to Players and modify their abilities – look forward to a card that prevents your team from being exhausted!

Later this month, check back for a new NFL Five giveaway (with an emphasis on Defense).

Today’s MetaX giveaway offers the chance to win a Booster Box of Attack on Titan – and for this round, the Scout Regiment and Titans won’t be hogging the spotlight! To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your response to the following question:

Which of these Traits is the most underrated: Military Police, Cadet Corps, or Garrison Regiment?


The three randomly selected winners will be announced next Friday – be sure to enter before the 15th, then return here for the results!

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