Tuesday Tidbits: Tourney Docs Week!

Contest reminders, upcoming CRD/Tournament Guide news, and more below.

1. Giveaway Reminders

Don’t forget to enter our MetaX giveaway (offering a chance to win a Booster Box of Attack on Titan) before the Friday deadline – entries submitted to the Panini Games Facebook page are valid until May 14th! You can also check back on Friday, May 22nd for a new NFL Five giveaway (focusing on Defense).

2. MetaX Card of the Week 


The current Attack on Titan contest focuses on the smaller Traits from the set, and the Garrison Regiment has jumped out to an early lead in our poll. Rico Brzenska – Composed Leader helps fulfill stamped requirements like Hannes, while also providing healing on other Garrison Regiment Characters and recursion of effects like Dhalis Zachary. Outside of Garrison Regiment builds, her effect can still target herself – acting as a junior Shazam MP engine that can also be KO’d by any hit.

3. Friday Uploads

On Friday, watch for the release of the NFL Five CRD (v1.0) and Panini Games Tournament Guide (v2.0) – plus the announcement of our Attack on Titan giveaway winners. Next week, expect a status update about outgoing shipments and office hours in relation to COVID-19. Later in the month, look forward to more previews from the next set of NFL Five – including hints at more Legendary abilities!