Tournament Documents and AoT Winners!

See the Tournament Guide, NFL Five CRD, and May MetaX giveaway winners below!

The NFL Five CRD (v1.0) is available here. In the future, expect the new glossary terms and detailed turn structure to be included in the next printed rulebook release. This document contains clarifications for advanced timing interactions, along with updated individual card rulings.

The Panini Games Tournament Guide (v2.0) is available here. After the schedule for Organized Play is announced, watch for an update to the Tournament Guide with information about official Draft formats and Panini Gaming Club league play. The Tournament Guide outlines the different tiers of NFL Five events and their potential formats – plus tournament procedures and expectations for player conduct.

The Tournament Documents section has also been updated with the NFL Five Deck Registration Form. For events with a tier of “Regional Championship” or higher, you will be required to fill out a Deck Registration Form. See a sample deck filled out here.

Last week’s MetaX giveaway offered the opportunity to win a Booster Box of Attack on Titan, and it asked respondents to visit the Panini Games Facebook page to sound off on the following:

Which of these Traits is the most underrated: Military Police, Cadet Corps, or Garrison Regiment? 

In this round of results, the Garrison Regiment was the runaway leader – followed by the Cadet Corps. As they have seen past tournament success, the Military Police received the fewest votes. The randomly selected winners:

•Cat B. (Cadet Corps)
•Gregory M. (Garrison Regiment)
•Lee S. (Garrison Regiment)

Thanks to those of you that participated, and stay tuned for our next NFL Five giveaway on May 22nd!

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