Tuesday Tidbits: June Agenda

See what’s coming up in June.

1. June Giveaways

You’ll have two new chances to win in June – beginning with a MetaX giveaway on Friday the 5th. Three randomly selected winners will receive a Booster Box of Green Lantern, and the theme will involve “searching your deck.” Check back on Friday for participation details, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. Contest results will be posted here on Friday, June 12th. After that, watch for our next NFL Five giveaway later in the month (with a challenge involving Quarterbacks).

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

There are a significant amount of “search your deck” abilities in the Green Lantern expansion, including Trait stamped cards (such as Star Sapphire and Legion of Doom), effects that find Battle Cards (like Green Gladiator and Beacon of Hope), or even a Character-specific Event for Superman. Friday’s MetaX contest will revolve around this type of effect, and Man Beyond Tomorrow provides a prime example of how “search cards” can enable a toolbox. Man of Steel and Last Son of Krypton bring general value in most scenarios, but some variants of Superman (such as Kal-El and Big Blue Boy Scout) have situational effects. Man Beyond Tomorrow allows those copies of Superman to be pulled when needed, while also offering untapped potential in a hybrid White Lantern build.

3. Shipping Status

Contest prizes, Tournament Kits, and other shipments will resume this week. Tournament Kits (featuring foil promo cards and other miscellaneous swag) are freely available to any venue running events. For more information about tournament support, please contact OP@PaniniAmerica.net.