May NFL Five Winners!

See the results below.

Legendary and Epic cards found in the first set offer undeniably flashy effects, but there are useful Players to be found at every rarity. Last Friday, our May NFL Five giveaway provided entrants a chance to win a Booster Box by responding to this question:

Which Starter (“S”) or Common (“C”) is the best Player card to use on Defense?

Disruptive abilities were popular picks, with Patrick Onwusar and Vonn Bell trailing slightly behind Quandre Diggs. The clear first place winner was Takkarist McKinley, with respondents noting that his versatile effect has applications in every type of deck! The randomly selected winners:

•Colby H. (C23-19 Quandre Diggs)
•Denis T. (S50-19 Marshon Lattimore)
•Kyle G. (C2-19 Takkarist McKinley)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and you’ll have another chance to win with new giveaways in June! Look for a Green Lantern win-a-box in two weeks, followed by a summer NFL Five giveaway at the end of month. You can also expect an updated on the status of shipments June – stay tuned for more details.