Tuesday Tidbits: Courting Summer!

NFL Five giveaway reminders, MetaX COTW, and more below!

1. Contest Reminders

The deadline to enter this week’s NFL Five giveaway is May 28th. Voice your opinion about the best defensive Player card with a Common or Starter rarity, then check back on Friday to see the results!

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Next month’s MetaX contest will provide the chance to win a Booster Box of Green Lantern, and the theme of the giveaway will revolve around “search effects.” Similar to the interaction seen between Cadet Corps and Scout Regiment Characters, this Event encourages a “hybrid-Trait” approach to deckbuilding. Since this effect requires a Blue Lantern to be in play, look to form a core with Characters like Saint Walker and Warth – then load up the toolbox with situational effects like Mogo, Sinestro, and Green Gladiator.

3. NFL Five Around the Web

  • Brandon Hughey’s “NFL Five Playbook” channel has two new episodes, covering the latest CRD updates and breadcrumbs for future sets.
  • Keep up with the latest discussion in the NFL Five TCG Fan Community on Facebook, where this week’s posts discuss recent box pulls, spoiler speculation, and more. 
  • The official NFL Five Discord channel has added a new room for coordinating online matches via webcam – join here