Tuesday Tidbits: June Bloom!

Giveaway reminders, COTW, and more below.

1. Green Lantern Giveaway

Our Green Lantern win-a-box contest is open for entries, and you can find participation details here. Submit your reply to the Panini Games Facebook page before the June 12th cutoff, then check back here on Friday for the results!

2. MetaX Card of the Week

This week’s contest theme focuses on cards that “search your deck,” and Research is one of the most open ended search effects in the game. Though it is not stamped to a specific Trait or Rank, a deck utilizing Research is still constricted in some ways: it must run multiple copies of key cards, it should aim to play effects that quickly place your own cards in the discard pile, and it should have a worthwhile payoff (such as an Event KO effect). For example, a combo build might look to pair this card with Mikasa – Stoic and Point Blank.

3. On the Menu

Aside from the announcement of contest winners on Friday, also watch for new spoilers from the next set of NFL Five. On June 19th, our NFL Five Quarterback giveaway will begin – check back for participation details! We’re also approaching the unveiling of the official release date for NFL Five’s 2020 expansion, along with spoilers, a look at the foil pattern, and more! Finally, make sure to check out the upcoming releases of the MetaX CRD (v2.0) and NFL Five CRD update (v1.1) – coming soon.