Four for Friday: GL Winners + NFL Five Teasers!

See our Green Lantern giveaway winners and new NFL Five teasers below.

Before we get to today’s contest winners, here are four new facts from the upcoming set of NFL Five:

1. There are several effects that key off of a Player’s “position” – such as a receiver that gains an extra 15 yards when your opponent does not have a DB on the field!

2. You can enhance these positional strategies with new effects that add Players from your bench to the field (available through both Players and Actions).

3. Be on the lookout for a defensive effect that allows you to designate your opponent’s runner/receiver for the current play.

4. The set contains 18 Rookie Cards, and four of them are Quarterbacks.

Last week’s MetaX giveaway announcement offered participants the chance to win a Booster Box of Green Lantern. Entrants were asked to post their favorite “search your deck” card on the Panini Games Facebook page, and the results covered a broad range of cards – with Legion of Doom winning by a slim margin! The three randomly selected winners:

Thanks to everyone that entered this round, and check back on June 19th for another chance to win with our NFL Five QB giveaway!

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