Four for Friday: September Soon!

NFL Five content around the web, Preseason reminders, new giveaways, and more below! 

1. NFL Five Around the Web

  • Check out a new episode of NFL Five Playbook here, with a focus on 2020’s checklist.
  • Swing by the NFL Five TCG Fan Community on Facebook to see this week’s discussions about the new set!
  • Watch a fan’s box break of NFL Five 2020 here, along with a Starter Deck opening here.

2. NFL Five 2021 Preseason

The first Designer Challenge takes place on September 6th, and it will be followed by a Q&A session – with two randomly selected fans receiving invites to the 2021 Kickoff event! The challengers have already been selected for each event, but you can still join the official NFL Five Discord to find practice matches for upcoming tournaments. If you’re unfamiliar with webcam match procedures, be sure to catch the first exhibition match for an example of online gameplay.

3. NFL Five Gametrack Companion

The NFL Five Gametrack Companion has been updated for iOS and Android. Gametrack Companion is an unofficial third party app, and it includes features like score-tracking, rules references, a deck builder, and more.

4. Up Next 

Check back week for the start of a MetaX Starter Deck giveaway on the 4th, (with a theme of “discard piles”). You’ll also have a chance to win more Booster Boxes of NFL Five 2020 in September – stay tuned for participation details later in the month. The first exhibition tournament (September 12th) is just two weeks away – watch for event coverage (including deck spotlights) to come!