Tuesday Tidbits: Falling In!

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1. MetaX Starter Deck Giveaway

This Friday, MetaX is returning to its roots with a JLA Starter Deck giveaway – featuring a theme of “discard piles.” Check back on the 4th for this week’s prompt, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to post your submission.

2. NFL Five Card of the Week 

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

L260-20 George Kittle is one of the most useful cards in the new set, but his effect can be situational. Against a “lockdown” build, abilities like this and Russell Wilson serve to negate your opponent’s strategy entirely. Against other lineups, look for ways to get Kittle off the field for a more favorable matchup.

3. NFL Five Designer Challenge

The first NFL Five 2021 Preseason event takes place this weekend, and you’ll need to use Zoom to participate. The Designer Challenge exhibition match with Brian Fahmie will begin at 4 PM CST, followed by a Q&A session until 6 PM. To participate, join the Zoom invite link at the scheduled start time. At the end of each event, two randomly selected participants will receive invites to the NFL 2021 Kickoff tournament (invite only, venue/location TBA Spring 2021).

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