Four for Friday: Designer Challenge Weekend!

The first Preseason event takes place this weekend – see the final reminders below! 

1. NFL Five Designer Challenge

  • Watch an exhibition match against creator Brian Fahmie, followed by a Q&A session!
  • Sunday, September 6th: 4-6 PM CST
  • Zoom Link
  • Prizes: two invites 

Don’t miss the first NFL Five 2021 Preseason event this Sunday – with two randomly selected participants receiving invites to the exclusive NFL Five 2021 Kickoff tournament (location and special venue TBA). 

2. MetaX Starter Deck Giveaway

This month’s MetaX giveaway returns to the game’s first set, offering each winner two Starter Decks from JLA. To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your response to this question:

Which MetaX set (Justice League, Green Lantern, Attack on Titan, or Batman) contains the most useful cards overall?

The three randomly selected winners will be announced here next Friday – be sure to submit your entry before the September 11th deadline.

3. NFL Five FAQ

“If I use the effect of Ben Roethlisberger (U161-20) and have no other exhausted Players, may I remove an opposing exhausted Player?”

No, you must be able to remove one of your own Players for this ability to resolve. Furthermore, note that the effect checks for a Player to be exhausted during resolution of the ability (not during its activation). The exhausted Players are removed from the field (and you do not replace them with Players from the bench).

4. Up Next

On Tuesday, check back for a recap of the Designer Challenge (including coverage of the Q&A). Watch for MetaX’s contest results on Friday (and v2.0 of the CRD soon), plus more coverage of NFL Five tournament decks as the Preseason continues.


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