Four for Friday: Jocund January!

2019 is here!

1) New Year, New News 

2019 has arrived, and new announcements are on the horizon! In the near future, you can expect information about the pending Tournament Kit rotation (with new promos), plus an update on upcoming online tournaments and other events. Later in the month, be on the lookout for our next giveaway contest via the Panini Games Facebook page. Finally, keep watching for an announcement of the official release date of the next expansion set: Teen Titans Go!

2) Meta Resolutions

Next Tuesday’s post will feature the first Deck Tech of 2019, and we’d like to see your latest themed submissions! To ring in the new year, this round of deck entries sent to should answer the following question:

What new type(s) of deck do you aspire to build in 2019?

3) Year in Review…in Review

We capped off 2018 with a look at some of the best Characters, Events, and Battle Cards in the game (part 1, part 2) – now let’s enter 2019 with a snapshot of the top performing decks from the past year (in no particular order):

  • Mill (both “control” and hybrid)
  • Villain Toolbox
  • GCPD
  • Rogues Gallery
  • Scout Regiment (Team Attack)
  • Hero Midrange

4) Tip-off Teasers

Teen Titans Go! will include over 50 new Characters (along with a handful of low rarity reprints featuring new art) – including a healthy dose of Hero and Villain Traits. As noted above, Heroes and Villains play a significant role in the metagame, and these new Battle Cards will further expand their options:

  • an offensive effect with the ability to search your deck for a Hero Character
  • a flexible effect with the capacity to Prep a Villain Character
  • a rank 1 Multi-Stat Battle Card that rewards controlling Characters with the same Trait