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DBZ CRD V6.0 – Download link

Tournament Guide V2.2 – Download link

DBZ Deck Registration Form – Download link

W-9 for Regional prize winners – Download link

Rulebook v3.0 – Download link

Rulebook v2.0 – Download link

Rulebook v1.1 – Download link

Rulebook (translated) – Download link

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  3. I felt it important to post this here, but I will be following up with an email as well. This felt more of a blog related reply to make. I noticed the clause in the rules where there are “No Intentional Draws” and after reviewing the rest of the rules, I wanted to bring to light my concerns for this with regards to local/store level events as well as casual events. (I realize casual says light rules enforcement, but it’s still left to interpretation.)

    I am a long time TCG/CCG player, and have played in numerous tournaments from store level casual to invitation only big money events. In higher level play, intentional draws are a big no no, and I get that entirely, but for store level events such as a weekly tournament, there is one instance where the intentional draws are not only useful for both players but also quite common in a close community. The final match of a top cut for determining player prize support.

    Usually these store events take up a lot of time, and a top cut can prolong this with zero time limit best of 3 matches. The first and second place players are already locked in, and have earned their spot at the top. Normally in simple weekly events, these players would “split” the prize payout for that cut, which doesn’t affect anyone else at the tournament, and it is usually a mutual sign of respect between the players as well as a way to prevent overly long tournaments, especially with stores needing to close.

    It would be nice not only to see the thoughts on adding a clause about splitting the first and second place in a top cut for casual and local/store level events for reasons of time constraints as long as both players agree to ID. I know other competitive card games allow ID in their sanctioned events with heavy scrutiny for collusion.


    • In store level events you described, things are going to be decided at the TO’s discretion and if everyone agreed on the ID no one’s going to complain. This is for high level events where ID is a scumbag move.


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